Sterile natural fermentation

[Sterile natural fermentation]

It is thought that it is the method of using microbes, such as yeast adhering to a plant or fruits, the symbiosis bacillus which is the mutants of root nodule bacteria, and the settling microbe which drifts the air and in atmosphere, and fermenting cereals, such as vegetables, a soybean, wheat.

On the other hand, although sterile natural fermentation is a concept which is not in well-known natural fermentation, it is thought that various enzyme in a cell will pass several days since several hours, and transforms the role after death according to the death of a living body (animals and plants and fishes).

Enzyme in the living body changes work from metabolism to a digestive enzyme action, and, first of all, decomposes a cell, and it is thought that the progress which carries out self-collapse one by one to internal organs is further followed from a cell to an organization next in the case of an animal.

This action is a natural phenomenon essentially performed sterially.

The natural fermentation seen by fermentation processing of the manufacture process of tea is also considered to be the fermentation method using the fermentation phenomenon which makes sterile fermentation a subject.

In process of the change of state which dies and results from the metabolic role for carrying out continuous maintenance of the life, the enzyme which carries out the catalyst of the living body denatures and changes to various hydrolytic enzyme, the action is made to guide to the autolysis of an individual, and autolysis, and it is thought that it actualizes as cyclic structure returned automatically.  

One of changes of state appears as an exothermic phenomenon.

Although based also on the kind of a plant or vegetables, the leaf of the double flowering cherry tree extracted, for example generates heat in several hours, and it goes up to about 54 ℃.

It carries out after death for 1 hour, rigor mortis starts, a 36 to 38-degree body temperature rise is seen for about 8 hours until the whole body loosens as an exothermic phenomenon, and the human being who is an animal also falls even to room temperature gradually.

This phenomenon is also a kind of fermentation phenomenon, and is considered to be the fermentation induced sterially, i.e., sterile natural fermentation.

For example, it is thought that the taste of the reason made delicious [ what caught the meat of the cuttlefish and tuna of fishes, and the animal, etc. and passed rather than length on two to the 3rd ] increased by protein being disassembled into amino acid with intracellular enzyme.

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