< for unknown infection "disease X", of equipment>

< for unknown infection "disease X", of equipment>
(CNN) WHO (WHO) prepares for an emergency on the Ebola heat and the public health like a Zika fever by the 13th and adds "disease X" to the list of the infections which should make research and development accelerate. Effective curative and vaccine don't exist, and WHO mentions Ebola heat, a Marburg disease, Lassa fever and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) etc. as the disease which can be a worldwide threat. A strategy measure plan of WHO shows disease X "unexpected", and "R&D blue print" defines it as "serious international infectious disease by the pathogen by which the human development isn't confirmed". "We sometimes meet with an unexpected situation.". Allergy to national institutions in the US, Anthony of an infection research center and a FOSHI general manager of a division, "A Zika fever couldn't be expected and, I didn't also think a city was seized with Ebola heat.", when the fashion spread when establishing a procedure for vaccine development, I find out the gene arrangement peculiar to caused virus, and it's being stated that it's possible to use it for development of a new vaccine.
There is preparation which is without charge and offers the most effective and cheap preventive and treatment method confronted with these infections to a WHO research institute as early stage correspondence in a lilac research center. A part of the human body which becomes an infection field is limited and it's the respiratory organ (the respiratory tract olfactories, the throat, the tear government post and damage of pulmonary respiratory tract mucosa) mainly, and others are an invasion from a skin injury. It's to block an invasion process of a virus off by the living body film pill" by which influence to safety (no harm to humans and animals) and a side effect is a no and restore and is because I can think PANDEMIKKU by "infection X" can be avoided, to defend a human body against compound infection by a virus and bacteria, etc..
A mechanism of infection development is in the gate where the implantation which are pathogenic viruses mainly is permitted in other words a damage part of cell membrane. The "direct injury factor" which gives damage to cell membrane is the minute mineral particle group by which they're PM2.5 and SPM, etc. in the air (chemistry, including very fine particle group) and is the virus, the bacteria, the true fungus, RIKETCHA, the prion and the pollen, etc. which are a pathogenicity xenogeneic antigen as "indirect injury factor", and infection multiplication and the fixed range (focus territory) expand and become severer by this.
Mainly, fat double-layer pneumatic structure and film running through, when a histolysis was restrained effectively the cells I compose by a protein were some factors, and cell membrane was damaged, and even when receiving an obstacle, an inflammation, the symptom improves promptly, so a wound repair of an obstacle mucous membrane is promoted, and it depends on pathogenic virus and bacteria, etc., it's indirect and they become able to defend secondary infection.
It'll be addition, but there is probability which assumes the new infectious course where a viewpoint as well as a conventional measure were changed (air-borne infection) as a high pathogenicity (H5N6) avian influenza measure. Building of the simple defense condition which raises a bird under the aerosol atmosphere of the small amount makes them aerosol-ize living body film pill" of new development by handy ultrasonic humidifier as urgent defense and precautionary measures, and is wished for immediately.
Corporation lilaclaboratory research center director of laboratory Takasi Hiraiwa






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