Prevention and measures against new type coronavirus-related pneumonia

(4) The Lilaclaboratory co.,Ltd Institute of Japan proposes. "Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China" describes the initial response to "Coronavirus-related illness and unknown infectious disease X" and the most effective preventive drug with no effect on side effects as a countermeasure to spread infection and pandemic And other related countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has studied in preparation for a public health emergency, such as Ebola and Zika, according to a March 2018 report by the CNN in the United States as an article related to "International Infectious Diseases". "Disease X" has been added to the list of infectious diseases to accelerate development, and there are no effective treatments or vaccines. Ebola fever, Marburg disease, Lassa fever, severe disease Diseases such as acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) are mentioned.
At the same time, the R & D Blueprint defined WHO's strategic plan as Disease X, which stands for "unexpected" and defined as a serious "intercommunicable disease" caused by an unidentified human pathogen. Sometimes you get unexpected.

Also, Anthony Fossi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, did not anticipate the Zika fever and did not expect Ebola to strike the city. Therefore, it is suggested that the establishment of a procedure for vaccine development could identify the gene sequence specific to the virus that causes the spread of the epidemic and use it for the development of a new vaccine. And measures are not specifically mentioned. In the main subject, the parts of the human body that become the source of coronavirus infection, such as influenza virus and MARS, are limited. It is difficult to imagine skin trauma or infection from the digestive system.

Viral infection does not occur alone, but it is at the early stage of bacterial infection or inflammation at the site damaged by fine particles or allergens, and the virus piggybacks on it and implants it in other cellular tissues as a composite infection. A composition that expands can be considered. Since the virus entry gate is targeted at the inflammation site, if maintenance and repair of that site is possible, the spread of virus infection can be suppressed. Viruses and animals naturally coexist and are considered enemies, making the problem more difficult to pass. Although masks and hand washing are recommended as protection measures against viruses, it is necessary to pay attention to infection from both eyes at the same time.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines the mask filtration rate (BFE bacterial filtration rate & PFE particulate filtration rate) by the FDA. A mask that can filter fine particles with PFE of about 0.1 μm is effective if it can be used with a high degree of adhesion to the skin, but is actually uncomfortable because it is stuffy. * 1 μm is 1/1000 mm

Generally, the gap between different materials has low air resistance due to fluid engineering, so it is also an issue that must be noted when designing a high-performance dust collector.

It is practically difficult to completely prevent fine particles that enter by breathing from the gap between the skin and the mask, so that bacteria and viruses floating in the air are allowed to enter.

The basis can be easily observed and determined from the intrusion trajectory of the inside of the mask of the liquid pigment aerosol (particle size distribution: 1 to 100 μm) atomized by compressed air.

If you need a hay fever countermeasure or a mask that can capture fine particles of about 2.5 μm, you can use a cheapest simple mask at a convenience store and use two-fold tissue to achieve more than 99.0%.
<< Reference >> A blog posted 10 years ago by the author, "Influenza and Masks, Their Surprising Pitfalls" biglobe blog, from a glass-crafted water planet that emits the light of life

Don't rely on masks because there is no threshold for mask coverage and viral infection.

(4) The purpose of wearing a medical mask is to protect a patient who has a weakened immunity from a splash of a doctor or a nurse who is originally a wearer.
As mentioned earlier, the mechanism of the onset of virus-induced infection is mainly at the gate that allows implantation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, that is, at the damaged part of the cell tissue.

The direct factors that damage cells are fine mineral particles such as PM2.5 containing chemical fine particles suspended in the air, radioactive fine particles, etc., and pathogenic foreign antigens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, Ricketts, prions, pollen, and the like act as indirect damaging factors, which increase the infection growth and colonization area (focus area), and manifest symptoms.

Cell lysis (necrosis) starts immediately when the cell membrane, which is mainly composed of a lipid bilayer membrane and transmembrane proteins, is damaged for some reason. This triggers the destruction and thawing of adjacent cells one after another, and the chain reaction expands. This process multiplies the RNA coronavirus and makes the symptoms more severe.

If this process can be suppressed, cell tissues and clogging can protect the human body from secondary infection by pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Arachidonic acid derived from phospholipids of damaged skin, cell membrane, or necrotic cells is subjected to the action of phospholipase A2 to release n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids of lipid bilayer membrane and to obtain lymph fluid ( Tissue fluid, chyle fluid), blood and plasma, etc., which act as mediators of inflammation and activate cyclooxygenase (COX) to produce PGE2 (prostaglandin E2). As a result, the arachidonic acid cascade progresses An inflammatory response develops, and the inflamed area is a good gate for virus entry.
If this arachidonic acid cascade can be blocked to inactivate the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX), the necrosis of cells will be inhibited, thereby blocking the growth and spread of pathogenic viruses such as the new coronavirus.

As an additional note, in the control of highly pathogenic (H5N6) avian influenza, in addition to the conventional countermeasures, there is a possibility of assuming new transmission routes from a different perspective and preventive measures.

As an urgent preventive and protective measure, it is necessary to simply cover the chicken house with a vinyl sheet in the event of an emergency, aerosolize the preventive agent with an ultrasonic humidifier, and build a defense system that breeds birds in that atmosphere, from the viewpoint of animal protection. Is urgently desired.

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